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10 Signs He’s a Bum A** N****

I got time today so I'm pulling cards.

As summer approaches I feel obliged to share my knowledge of the skreets with you. We've all been locked up for a year so it going to be extra savage this year. Don't get trapped by a guy trynna secure a bigger stimmy check next year. Below I've compiled a list of ten signs he's a bum ass n***a for you to be privy to.

He’s looking for a shorty to build with him.

Girl what he’s really looking for is someone to build him. Someone to do the work he’s too lazy to do himself. Just like there are bum b****es looking to be saved, there are a plethora of men looking to be saved too. The truth is I’ve never met a bossed-up man who loudly says he needs a woman to build with him. Those types of men are ok with building up themselves until the right woman comes along. A bum ass n****s on the other hand is waiting for the right woman (ie. boo boo the fool) to come along before they even start putting in a good effort towards their futures.

He talks shit about his baby mother all the time.

Men who publicly talk negatively about the mother of their children are generally the type to take zero accountability. Only a bum is going to blame someone else for the outcomes of his or her life. Only a bum ass ni**a is going to feel comfortable passing off his responsibilities to someone else, and only a bum ass ni**a expects a woman to do both his and her job.

The only woman he is able to have a healthy lasting relationship with is his mom.

I think this one is a pretty self-explanatory red flag. A lot of these bum ass ni**as are overgrown mommas boys whose mediocre bullshit is supported by their mothers. Do you sense a codependent mother-son relationship with no accountability? RUN!

He always has a sad story and an excuse to go with it.

It’s never his fault. The world is always against him. He is always a victim of something but never a survivor of anything. He can tell you 1000 reasons why he is where he’s at but can’t tell you one thing he could do to improve his situation. He likely will shoot down any purposed solution and avidly reject assistance or advice.

He only has access to a car during 9-5 hours.

One thing about a bum ass n***a is they will try their best to look like they are NOT a bum ass n***a. Riding around to be seen all day *insert hard eye roll*. That’s not his car sis, he just be begging his girl every night to hold it for the day while she's at work.

He doesn’t like or get along with other men who have money or success.

It's giving insecure hater vibes. Birds of a feather flock together; if he's is only comfortable around bums, he too is a bum ass n***a.

He talks down on quality food spots but praises Popeyes.

“Del Friscos ain’t even all that."Just say you haven't been because you can’t afford it and keep it moving baby. It's one thing, to be honest about your price range, it's another thing to cap. A real n***a won't bullshit you but a bum ass n***a will.

He’s always talking about how he wants a 50/50 relationship.

50/50 is not the same as a working partnership. Real n***as know this. Working partnerships do not keep score as they are a complementary give and take. And they surely do not have a standard of always going dutch. This new age 50/50 bullshit is bum ni**a rhetoric and code for he’s trynna be your roommate, but also sleep with you. Please do not take any man who preaches 50/50 relationships seriously this summer sis.

He complains about people in his life not helping him handle HIS responsibilities.

Screams bum to me. Real grown folk aren't looking to have other people handle their lives.

He gossips regularly or speaks constantly of his past but never has anything of value to say about his present or future.

Call it a double standard but something ain't right about a gossiping grown man. People in general who have their shit together are a lot less likely to spend time talking about other people's lives. If he's always reminiscing about his glory days or gossiping about others it's a sign he ain't got no good business going on and is more likely than not a bum.

Stay safe in these skreets and stream Live From The Backseat


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