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26 Things I Learned by 26

As 2020 begins to wind down to close, I reflect on all the lessons I've learned over the last two years. Here is another list little of pearls of wisdom I've discovered along my way, enjoy.

“Whatever your ego swears you need to survive, you can surely live without it.“

1. What we want at the moment is seldom what we need.

2. If we truly needed it, God would have already provided it.

3. Evolution comes with adversity.

4. God removes people to protect us further down the line.

5. Most people are of this world. To be "good" requires a constant effort and mindfulness that most adults will not practice. Therefore, most people you encounter in life will not be good or evil; they are just ego-driven and therefore swayed in either direction depending on the circumstances.

6. Whatever your ego swears you need to survive, you can surely live without it.

7. Following other people over your intuition will lead you astray.

8. You catch more bees with honey than you do vinegar, so it won't kill you to be sweet.

9. Codependency is a confidence killer.

10. You can't run from self-work; it will confront you until the day you die.

11. Most of your family and friends aren't qualified to advise you.

12. You are only obligated to be obedient to God.

13. Most of what is right for you is unpleasant at first.

14. Everything comes with an opportunity cost. Nothing here is free.

15. There are no shortcuts in life. Searching for shortcuts only prolongs the battle.

16. Setting manageable and realistic expectations for yourself and others is key to minimizing disappointment, maintaining happiness, and creating balance.

17. Human nature is to take as much as you can get, and most people lack self-restraint. Give to others freely but have firm boundaries to preserve yourself.

18. You can’t be overly attached to any outcome in life for good or bad.

19. Seldom is love meant to last forever.

20. Life is simple; it's humans that are complicated.

21. Ego is your friend when kept in check.

22. Chasing a bag will always keep the bag running from you.

23. You co-create your reality, so be conscious in all that you do.

24. Accountability is power.

25. Gratitude is magic.

26. Faith is the secret ingredient to success.


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