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Five Reasons You Are Out of Alignment with Your Blessings

When life seems never to be going our way, you can find yourself asking, "where are my blessing?"

Manifestation is most simply explained as the practice of bringing your vision to fruition through a combination of prayer and work. Work can come in the forms of outer actions we must take to move our earthly situations forward and inner actions we take to heal and better ourselves. In order to obtain anything, we must first be in alignment with the blessing we wish to receive. This means that through our daily actions, thoughts, expressions, and way of life we are placing ourselves in a position to give, gain, and maintain. Many people of all ages struggle with getting what they want out of life. If you feel like you just can’t get what you want then I encourage you to take a look at the these five common causes and reflect on what is or is not working for you.

Five things that make blessing hard to come by:

1. You present an inauthentic version of yourself

When you present an inauthentic version of yourself, you do two things:

1) You attract things not truly in line with your values.

2) You deter people and opportunities you are trying to receive.

We all do this at some point or another, but everyone has intuition, and most people will be able to see right through your facade. Even if they can't quite put their finger on it, they will sense "something is off" about you and stay away. Presenting inauthentically is a sign of deep-seated insecurity as well as deception. No one will trust you enough to get close to you and rightfully so. For others to accept you, you must first accept yourself. Masking flaws or putting up emotional walls as a preemptive defense is a way to repel God's blessings for you quickly. Just be yourself and put your best foot forward. What is meant for you will not pass you up, but it will take forever to get to you the longer you stay out of alignment.

2. You are not in a state of gratitude – As I always say, you need to be in a state of gratitude to obtain joy and blessings. Being in a state of gratitude says you are genuinely appreciative of what you already have, willing to start where you are with what you got and are open to receiving more. Without being in a state of gratitude, the universe doesn't recognize that you are willing to accept more and will not budge. Don't block your blessings. Get your copy of the Good Day Gratitude Journal today to embark on a 20-week practice of gratitude to help put you in alignment.

3. You are driven by superficial forces – It is easy to mask inner issues and insecurities with accolades, accomplishments, material things, etc. to gain validation from external forces. This can quickly lead to a slippery slope as we can begin believing things or people outside of ourselves will save us, including romance, money, fame, riches, or other earthly success. The first truth to understand here is in this life; you have to save yourself. The ego is controlled by the mind, which always looks for the easiest solution. It tricks us into thinking there is some external force that will come and wipe away our past pains. This approach is just not the case. To manifest our blessings, we must be rooted in our purpose, guided by our vision and values, not others' applaud and opinion. The more you chase the bag, the faster it will run from you. Any success, the feeling of gratification will be fleeting, but if you take time to find your purpose and become rooted in that, you will never go without. What you need will always be accessible to you and in abundance. It is easy to get trapped in a mindset of scarcity and victimhood when you are continually placing your ability to be happy in the outside worlds' hands. To be in line with blessings, particularly ones of abundance, you have to be positively motivated from within.

4. You avoid taking accountability – In the fifth Hot Box episode The Hot Box V – Accountability I discuss the importance of accountability when healing from trauma and moving into a new space. Taking accountability for our actions as much as possible allows us to move from a victim mind state to a survivor mind state. Accountability is where our power lies. In a world where you can't control other people or always manipulate the things around you, it is imperative to be empowered in your ability to choose. You can choose who you grant access to you; you can choose who you deal with and entertain, you can choose how you respond and act to challenges you face. No matter how messed up the situation is, you always have a choice you can make somewhere. Being armed with this knowledge places you as the master of your destiny, choosing what baggage you do and don't take with you. A shift in perspective can be powerful, and it starts with accountability.

5. You are ridged or stuck in your ways - Understanding that your identity is fluid and ever-evolving is key to continuing growth. To continuously receive blessings, it is imperative to be open to receiving. Just as being unappreciation signals to the universe, you are not available to receive new blessings at the moment, so does being stubbornly stuck in your ways. You cannot be overly attached to any version of yourself to the point you don't make room for new you to blossom. You have to allow room for yourself to grow. Sometimes we are so committed to our victim narratives that become rigid and stuck in our ways. We don't realize that our pride is causing us to rebel for rebellion's sake. While you can resist growth due to its uncomfortable nature, resistance will ultimately handicap your manifestation abilities by keeping you out of alignment. The law of motion applies even when dealing with the attraction of energy and blessings. The law of motion "states that every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion…unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force." (NASA 2015) This implies that if there is no action or "work" done on your end, there is no movement on God's end.

All five of these are forms of self-sabotage, and If you are in these habits, you will be unable to gain or maintain any blessings you seek. Start your healing journey or continue if you are already along your way. Baby steps will take you forward in your healing process; you have to keep unpacking and processing. The constant action of trying each day to work on yourself, even if it's only just a little bit, ultimately leads to you being aligned with your blessings and, therefore, more able to manifest your desires and dreams into reality.

Get real with yourself and step into your power!


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