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Are your mental money habits keeping you broke?

These four mental practices will block your money blessings.

Money is simply a currency to transfer energy and value. To be in the flow of money you need to be in a state of abundance. This requires you to be focused on gratitude, attracting and grasping opportunities that will allow you to provide value and acquire money.

Some easy rules of money
  1. Money follows value. Value is not weighed in hardship and time but in impact.

  2. Opportunity goes where it is enthusiastically welcomed.

  3. Favor comes with a call to higher levels of responsibility and new ways of thinking.

  4. Money is meant to be spent & put back into circulation.

Early in my financial literacy journey, I knew I had to start by building a healthy mindset around money. I knew I couldn’t live in a scarcity mindset that trapped me in survival mode no matter how much money I made. To get to abundance I had to focus on healing my money wounds, self-worth wounds, and shifting my mindset before I ever began to invest. It took time but you have to learn the rules of the game before you play. Some books that helped me shift my mindset are ⬇️

These books were life changing for me and made me look at my relationship with money in a new light. Once I fixed my scarcity mindset and new world of possibilities became accessible to me.

Most people that are always “broke” know how to make money. Their issue tends to be around stewardship and a struggle to stay in the flow of abundance.

Four things people who are constantly struggling with money do:

They have a “what’s in it for me?” mindset

While there is nothing wrong with covering your own needs first and expecting fair compensation for your work, there is something deeply wrong with being in a constant state of smash and grab. Always looking to receive as much as you possibly can before you even think of what you can give. Or, always calculating how much you need to give in order to receive. Abundance will always follow those with a mindset that seeks to provide before they seek to receive. This applies far beyond money, as it applies to personal relationships as well. Studies have shown that takers and matchers have a short-lived success trajectory while givers on the other hand can obtain higher levels of success and grow it. Instead of always thinking of what's in it for you, first think of how you can be of service and use your talents to bring glory to God's name, solve problems, and improve the lives of the people around you. I promise you will find yourself in a more abundant space.

They are passive about opportunities

God's grace will cover your failures but it can not cover your passivity. Giving into fear or laziness and refusing to try will never help you succeed financially. Think of this analogy; if you sit under an apple tree waiting for the fruit to fall you will eventually eat but you will likely get a rotting apple. Your passivity will reward you with an apple that has worms and is partially rotted. Meanwhile, the person who climbed the tree or better yet the person who invented the harvester & then planted another tree will eat abundantly picking from the best fruits. If you’re going to live life waiting for someone to show you, put you on, help you out, or give you an opportunity you will be waiting for a very long time.

They pocket-watch others

This is the habit I can not tolerate above all others. There is nothing more distasteful and gross than an envious and covets person. Pocket watchers are never happy for other people's blessings unless they see how those blessings are going to directly spill onto them. They constantly discredit other people's abilities. They are the people always asking you questions about what you got and trying to figure out how you got it. Always measuring themselves against the people around them, constantly in quiet competition but not running the same race. These people are jealous of what someone else has or can do, always giving an evil eye because they feel they deserve it too. They are envious and can’t hide it. Envy is one of the 7 deadly sins. It is poison to the soul and will disconnect you from God's abundance. Instead of focusing on your mindset and creativity you are watching to see who has more than you, how they got it, and judging why they deserve it. Envy makes you insatiable and blocks the flow of genuine gratitude within you. It pays to mind your business and stay in your lane. We can move away from our sins of envy by genuinely celebrating the wins of others around us and thanking God for what we already have.

There are stingy and tight-fisted

Another habit I personally find disgusting is the sin of greed. The stingy Mr. Crabs type is always thinking twice about giving to others. They struggle to give freely because they struggle to believe there is more coming their way. They only give to charity when it’s required or an opportunity to be praised by others. These people live in a scarcity mindset. This mindset leads to a worship of material things, and earthly attachments that block the flow of energy, and ultimately stop you from being in the flow of money. If you want to live an abundant life, give when you have it and even when you barely have it too. Give to others without questing their worthiness of receiving. Give when you are called to by God, not out of compulsion to feed your own ego. Give when there are no cameras around and no one to see. Give as much as you can, not as much as feels comfortable for you. Give without seeking rewards and trust it will come back to you because you serve a God who provides for you. This will put you in a space of good karma and you will reap what you sow.


They are skeptical about everything, everyone, and every opportunity. Skepticism feeds arrogance in one's own knowledge and closes off your mind. If you always think something is a scam or too good to be true you will miss out on most opportunities in life. Yes, you may be right 8/10 times but those 2/10 could completely change your life.

Hopefully, this information helps, and may abundance flow through your life too!


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