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Hot Girl Summer Dating Tips

15 tips to help you stay safe and prosperous this summer in the streets.

Simone’s Rules of Dating

1. Always keep it 100. Honesty is key and it saves you from issues down the line. Always be honest when asked and allow people to make educated choices for themselves.

2. Keep texting to a minimum. Use it to arrange and confirm plans, that is it. Texting isn’t courting, it is a way people trick you into a false sense of intimacy. You can get to know each other in person.

3. Don't ask, don't tell. Everything does not need to be said, especially in the initial interactions. Give information as it is requested by your suitor and leave a little mystery.

4. YOU CAN’T CHANGE ANYONE. A man will only change when he wants to and for who he wants to. Any change that is forced in a person will not be permanent and will be followed by resentment. Furthermore, it's disingenuous on your part to date someone you don’t even really like or accept to start with.

5. Don’t wait up for calls or texts. Live your life, prioritize your sleep sis, and stick to your routine.

6. REMAIN LOGICAL. Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and do not get caught up in anyone’s wave. You can enjoy the experience while assessing it through an objective lens.

7. Don’t ask any questions you aren’t prepared to answer yourself.

8. Don’t go Dutch on the first date, don’t offer it to test him, don’t even suggest it’s ok.

9. Don’t ask for things you can’t afford or accept gifts over $10k if he’s not your husband or fiancé. If he purchases you a car or home insist it goes in your name. Remember there is nothing that is 100% free.

10. Don’t overextend yourself. Go into every situation understanding what you are comfortably willing to give.

11. Listen with your head, not your heart or genitalia. A lot of times we hear what we want to hear and not what is said because we aren’t listening with our heads.

12. There are no rules in actual relationships, you create the rules that work for you once you get to that stage of courtship.

13. Always remain focused on your goals, hobbies, and passions. Don’t lose yourself and stop doing the things you normally enjoy due to the romance. Giving up your individuality and outside life only turns people off in the long run.

14. Don’t make exceptions to your personal rules. If you openly say “I don’t do XYZ” then you go do XYZ a week later you look like a person with no respect for your own boundaries.

15. Set the standard for how you expect to be treated early on. Set your boundaries early on. What you are ok with in the beginning is what it is going to be as the relationship progresses.

Bouns Tip

Don’t accept every nice guy or girl that comes your way. Genuine men and women do exist, and there is actually plenty of them to go around but that does make them all right for you. Take your time and don’t give in to FOMO. If your potential bae is overall nice but doesn’t do it for you don’t waste their time or yours trying to force compatibility in a situation meant to just be friends.


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