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Lessons From My Last Relationship

Every situation is an opportunity to reflect and grow.

I have been single for a while now, and while I am generally private, borderline sneaky, with the happenings of my love life, I wanted to take some time to share some of the lessons my last relationship taught me.

Top Lessons From My Last Relationship

  • Leave the first time they say they don’t want you.

  • Things can be healthy and still not work out. Show grace when it’s time to go and don’t take it personally.

  • You spoil a good thing by keeping it past its expiration date.

  • Someone who can’t fully accept love won’t be able to properly value your love.

  • Go where you are celebrated or go celebrate yourself, but never stay where you are merely tolerated.

  • The beauty of a committed relationship is the ability for the couple to set their own rules and create a space that nourishes them both.

  • You can't change someone’s perspective if their perspective is rooted in unhealed pain.

  • There is no amount of perfect, understanding, agreeable, compromising, or compassionate you can be for the wrong person.

  • If you feel inclined to prove your worth because you fear it’s not being seen take this as a sign to leave. Ultimately the harder you try to prove your worth to them, the more they will resent you and lose respect for you.

  • No one can waste your time but you.

  • Willingness to compromise is a key to relationship health and communication.

  • Healthy communication is a never-ending project because you will need to learn the other's communication style and adapt over the years as they grow, heal, and change.

  • A man who is unintentional is a man who doesn’t value you.

  • Knowing what you don't want is equally as important as knowing what you do.

  • The only thing standing between you and the relationship you truly want is the one you’re settling for because that's all you think you deserve.

  • The best is yet to come.


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