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More Truths About Dating Men

More truths about men to help you understand and navigate this summer's dating scene.

As many of us gear up for a vaxxed and waxed hot girl summer I wanted to share some more truths about men I've learned over the years. For many, dating in a traditional sense has been on hold so it's ok to be a little rusty. Use these truths to help keep you grounded in reality as you navigate the streets.

More Truths About Men

  1. Men generally don’t like to be treated how they treat women.

  2. When it comes to the subject of women: what men denounce in public they lust after in private.

  3. Most men won’t turn down sex unless they really have to (ie he is married). Do not throw yourself at him without seeing his intentions first then ask him why he took it if he had bad intentions.

  4. Men are your friends & they all want to sleep with you. Both truths exist at the same time. Given the opportunity to have sex with you they will take it, even if they swear up & down they have no attraction to you. This doesn't mean they are prowling on you, just that you are an attractive woman and if you offered up sex he would oblige. Stop being naïve. The male friends you have who deny this fact are blatantly lying to you.

  5. Good men exist in abundance but all good men are flawed.

  6. Men respect the woman who doesn't waste her own time.

  7. Men need their egos stroked. There isn’t a man alive who doesn’t enjoy getting his ego stroked. Every man wants to feel like THE MAN. Learning the art form of genuinely making people feel good and it will take you places smarts and looks alone could never.

  8. If you want something done, convince him it was his brilliant idea in the first place.

  9. All men are sneaky for the sake of being sneaky. To them it’s privacy. To us it’s sneak, so check your insecurities at the door but also ask questions & call out any inconsistencies when you see them. Remember healthy relationships make room for addressing insecurities in a productive manner.

  10. Men are simple creatures. They just need a space to be soft and mushy. They want to feel supported, needed and valued. Feed him, stroke his ego, and give him the autonomy to lead & I promise you he won’t be going anywhere after summer sis.

  11. Men respond to action over words. Say it once but don’t say it again. Action will always get to them quicker than complaints.

  12. If a man is unhappy with his life he will not be able to fully accept your love. Even good men become stand-offish when they aren’t where they feel they need to be in life. Leave him alone until he’s in a better space and don't take it personally.

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