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Three Reasons You Are Out of Alignment With Abundance

“Don't nobody wanna work but everybody wanna ball” - Young Dolph

Anyone who tells you that you can't have it all just hasn't cracked the code yet.

What's keeping you from abundance?

1. Scarcity mindset.

This is the most overarching and basic reason why you are out of alignment with abundance. You don’t even believe abundance exists so how do you expect to receive it? You worry more about not having enough instead of having faith that God will provide what you need when you need it. This is the hardest bad habit to break because it is so deeply embedded in our culture. You really have to trust that the universe has enough for tomorrow and use what you’ve got for today. Being afraid to let go because we don’t trust in more is possibly the number one blocker to your blessings of abundance.

2. Not in a state of service.

In order to obtain abundance, it is important to put yourself in a state of service. This means you are open to allowing God to use you. I was listening to a video from Egypt Sherrod speaking on how much of a blessing it is to be the giver. Too often in life, we ask for blessing from a selfish and self-serving place then are confused when they don’t come. Or even worse, we get blessings, and then they don’t last because the whole time we are concerned about keeping the blessing out of the hands of others. Blessings are made to be shared and this extends even to the financial ones. I’m not telling you to go broke caring for your entire family or to allow the charity to slow down your building generational wealth, but when you are in a state of service providing value to the community around you, money comes to you with ease. If you are constantly in the space of a “don’t ask me for shit” attitude or are constantly trying to see how you can come up off the next man instead of how you can help the next man you will forever have a cap on what you can obtain and you will never get everything you want. When you give without hesitation you allow God to use you as a vessel to bless others. It is not your job to judge if they deserve it, it is your job to respond to the call to bless them. For me, this means giving my last dollar if called to do so because I know it always comes back to me tenfold. Give without hesitation and trust it will quickly multiply and return to you.

3. Self-doubt.

Self-doubt is a killer of abundance because it renders you immobile. Abundance comes to those who take action, simple as that. While bosses are making plays, you are busy going over every possible worst-case scenario. Not trusting in your own ability to perform is keeping you poor. Playing it safe is not the way to gain abundance, it is the way to maintain where you are. Prayers without action are just empty wishes and when you take action you show faith. When manifesting abundance, learn to override the part of you that doesn’t believe it can happen and go for it. The worst thing that can happen is everything stays the same.


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