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Welcome to the backseat! 

Live From The Backseat is a lifestyle podcast hosted by Simone Mitchem centered around self-love, interpersonal relationships, and individual transformation. Live From The Backseat Podcast takes listeners along a journey of personal transformation and growth using a combination of wit and wisdom. 

The purpose of this podcast is to create a safe space that fosters self-love, healing, and personal development. As a certified life coach specializing in interpersonal relationships and self-love, Simone is deeply committed to uplifting her community.

Simone takes a logical and empathetic approach with her coaching clients, understanding that creating a space where clients feel seen and supported in their self-work is paramount to long-term success. Her thoughtful and realistic approach focuses on personal goal setting combining accountability, strategic action, manifestation, and the practice of mindfulness to bring lasting and life-changing results. 

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