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Honest, Understanding, & Safe.

At Live From The Backseat, we champion accountability and self-acceptance, constantly striving to be as honest and understanding with ourselves and others as possible in an effort to create a safe space where vulnerability and growth can take place. 

As a certified life coach Simone is committed to uplifting her community. Through a faith and research bases approach, Simone helps clients transform their personal lives. She understands that creating a safe space where clients feel seen and supported in their self-work is paramount to long-term success. This, combined with a thoughtful, structured, and practical approach brings lasting results. 


Here at Live From The Backseat, we don't just talk wellness and self-love, we help you gain the tools and support you need to experience wholeness as a truth in your life too! 

Take a look at what LFTBS coaching clients and listeners have to say. 

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