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Photographer: @rhymeskeme.__

Directed and styled by Simone Mitchem


Live From The Backseat is a lifestyle podcast hosted by Simone Mitchem centered around wellness, mental health, and self-love. Simone often brings on guest hosts to share their stories & discuss a wide variety of topics. Live From The Backseat takes listeners along a personal journey of healing, self-love, spirituality, dating, motherhood, and more.


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Apple Podcast Review

I stumbled on this podcast from the Self Love episode and stayed for the gems regarding Mental Health. Ride shotgun listening to Simone and co. share their experiences and advice. These conversations helped me to normalize prioritizing my Mental Health and actually seeking help, and maybe it’ll do the same for you too.

Gerald, Age 24

She brought so much light to some of my darkest days. She reminded me of my value as a human being and as a man. She had me let out all the raw emotion that I was feeling and being such a strong man all my life she gave me the courage to cry and ensured me it was just apart of the process of healing.

Leona, Age 25

She is beyond honest, so if I am displaying toxic or irrational behaviors she definitely lets me know and she helps me work through what triggers said behavior. She then talks out the situation with me in a relatable manor so I can understand everything without me feeling bad about myself.