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20 Lessons From 2020

20 valuable lessons I learned in 2020.

We can all agree 2020 was a year for the history books. A year of growth, revolution, epiphany, loss, and transformation. As we hit our one year in a pandemic mark, I share twenty lessons I personally learned from 2020.

  1. Humility means submission to God, not downplaying yourself to maintain the comfort of others.

  2. God is all I need. If I stand in my power, I can survive anything.

  3. Being present is an act of faith.

  4. It really is as simple as believing in yourself.

  5. Everyone is human; put no one on a pedestal above you.

  6. No one is exempt from experiencing hardship in this lifetime. Just like no one is prohibited from obtaining blessings.

  7. Always remember that you are blessed, not better than anyone else.

  8. Circumstances and people can change for the better even when you have seen the worst.

  9. Change is the only constant in life.

  10. God answers even the quietest of prayers.

  11. Reminder to be grateful even while striving for more. You can't ask for more while taking for granted what's already there.

  12. Do your work in good spirits, even if it's unpleasant at the moment.

  13. Confidence is an act of faith, while certainty is a show of ego. Strive for confidence in all that you do. Striving for certainty keeps you a prisoner to fear.

  14. If you don't let go of a good thing when it's time to, you will allow a good thing to turn sour.

  15. Self-doubt is the greatest enemy of success.

  16. You can't skip steps in life. Just pace yourself and do the work. The sooner you start, the sooner you succeed.

  17. You have everything you need to succeed in this very moment.

  18. When we feel used by others, we are often not honoring ourselves or are stuck in a scarcity mindset.

  19. Timing is everything. Trust in God's timing.

  20. A deciding factor in having a good year or a bad year is the preparation and work you do in the year before.


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