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5 Qualities of a Healthy Friendship

A continuation of last week's blog post because friends are the family we choose.

A true friendship is built on a foundation of trust, acceptance, shared interest, and values. Some friendships are only meant to last a season because they are built on temporary life situations. A sign of a true friendship is that you can not only enjoy the fun times together but are willingly there for each other in the bad as well.

Healthy love in any form empowers us to soar to new heights. Friends are the family we choose, I have complied some red flags to avoid as well as green lights to run towards.

5 Qualities of a Healthy Friendship

They tell you about yourself but don’t try to tear you down.

Everyone needs someone who’s honest with them. “Yes men” don’t want to see you win, they want to keep your where you are. A real friend wants you to see you fulfill your potential and live your best life! They will check you when you need to be checked without making unnecessary snide remarks. Their intent will be clear and caring even if you don’t agree.

They celebrate your wins.

A real friend is happy for you regardless of what their life looks like at the moment. They will not have envious of your blessings. They will feel deeply that you deserve the blessings coming to you and will be happy for you. A true friend will celebrate your success even as they are grinding for their own.

They hold you accountable.

A true friendship is built on a foundation of trust. Your real friends aren’t scared to hold you accountable. They are invested in you so they won’t let you sleep on yourself.

They motivate or inspire you to be your best self.

One of the telltale signs that someone is not for you is the frequency they bring you to. A healthy friendship or relationship of any type will rise your frequency. You will feel lighter and naturally find yourself being more of yourself. We naturally begin showing up as your best self in the presence of a true friend. Your friends should inspire and encourage you. If they bring the worst out in you or you don’t like who you become in their presence, then why are you hanging around them?

You feel recharged, refreshed, and renewed when leaving them rather than drained.

This goes without saying. Anyone who drains your energy is a person you need to keep at an arm’s length distance. No one has time for energy vampire friends on their journey of self love.


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