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Ten Affirmations for 2021

Ten affirmations to promote peace, attract abundance, and help you remain grounded throughout 2021.

Affirmations have proven to be a powerful and useful tool. They can be used to shift perspective, reinforce positive ideas, interrupt invasive negative thoughts, and actively practice words of affirmation self-love. Below are my top ten affirmations for 2021.

2021 Affirmations

1. God is in control.

2. I accept change & choose the path of least resistance.

3. I am flexible and will be able to adapt.

4. I am exactly where I need to be.

5. I am capable of overcoming all challenges placed before me.

6. I live in an abundant universe.

7. Everything I desire is already waiting for me.

8. Money flows to me with ease.

9. I am in the flow of abundance.

10. My needs are already being taken care of.

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