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To Whom It May Concern: The Art of Accepting Yourself

It’s never been about finding ourselves it has always been about rediscovery.

With a shift in societal consciousness to prioritize self-care and love the topic of self-acceptance has naturally come to the forefront.

Self-acceptance looks like giving yourself the space to simply exist, cultivating a space absent of judgement and full of understanding, a space where only acknowledgement of the truth exists.

I view self-acceptance as the understanding that by nature you are many things and the peace in knowing that is OK. You are who you are for good and for bad to make for a perfectly designed you. Embracing your uniqueness is the beginning of #selfacceptance. Self-acceptance looks like giving yourself space to simply exist, cultivating a space absent of judgment and full of understanding, a space where only acknowledgment of the truth exists.

The Key To Mastering Self Acceptance

Accountability takes acceptance a step further by creating self-love. Self-love is the first key to self-acceptance. It is hard to accept ourselves when we don’t love who we are for good and bad. Self-love doesn’t mean we will like everything about ourselves all the time but it means we will prioritize being kind and nurturing to ourselves in the moments of shame and disappointment. While there are many causes for deficiencies in self-love, one common to all humans is when we are perpetually disappointed in ourselves. Disappointment with one’s self happens when we know we are not trying our best or being dishonest with ourselves. It is exceptionally hard to bullshit yourself. To be dishonest with yourself and make excuses is not loving yourself. It fuels the inner feels of unworthiness because now you have something too inadequate about you it has to be covered up with a lie. Many of us have been taught that it is ok to lie to those we love including ourselves but ultimately dishonestly strips you of your power by blocking accountably. Dishonesty with ourselves is the root of so much self-inflicted pain. Many people who seem to be miserable and upset in life are truly just deeply disappointed in themselves. Accountability says “I am honest with myself & I can choose which parts of my nature I lean into.”

The keys build upon each other because you need accountability and self-love to create higher levels of self-awareness. If you are honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses and strategic with who you wish to become you can double down on the aspects of yourself that best serve you. When we do this, we love ourselves more as our souls grow more and more powerful and proud of us. Self-awareness is how you get to know yourself. Self-awareness says “I know that by nature I am many things, some which I deem good and others I deem bad.”

Learning to accept ourselves is ultimately finding harmony between our ego and soul. To say “I am not perfect but I am enough” in a world that profits off of self-loathing is in itself a radical act! Today I encourage you to love yourself in a way that is deeply honest and kind. It’s never been about finding ourselves it has always been about rediscovering.


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